What We Do

What we do is simple, we connect people through positive interactions. Being kind is something we all want to do but sometimes it can be a bit complicated. Do you give change to the guy on the street corner or not? Do I worry about if they are just scam artists or are they really in need? People always want to help and when there is a genuine need people always come together to fill it. Usually it’s not for profit or fame, rather, it is like a reflex that we naturally want to help. Forever Paid Forward is based on the theory that if given the opportunity all people will chose to help their fellow human beings.

The project came about after a group of “Do Gooders” had a meeting about how to change the world. The consensus was that every living person on the planet changes the world everyday whether they realize it or not. The concept is fairly simple to explain really. If you take a bottle of pure water and put in just the slightest bit of salt what you have is no longer pure water. While it may be insignificantly different it is not the same as it was before. So the same is true for everyone in the world. Each day you make choices on how you interact with the world around you. It may be small things but those small things change the world around you. From there everyone is affected by the ripples you created. In a sense we interact with everyone in the world nearly everyday without even realizing it.

During this meeting everyone agreed on the theory but the question was asked; how do we prove it to everyone else? We believe that the answer is the Forever Paid Forward Project.


Each coin is not just a potential random act of kindness. It is a connection to another person or group of people whose lives you will forever be connected to through your kindness. We can make positive changes in our world and interact with other cultures through the common belief that kindness is a better way.


Each coin has a unique code on it and there are a limited number of them available for circulation. Each originator has a coin to send out into the world and we call them “Seeders”. Once they seed their coin through a random act of kindness they start a “Ripple” of change. Everyone in that Ripple then gets to participate in the progress of the coin. We like to focus more on the effects that each coin has rather than the generosity of the person passing it on. It doesn’t take much to be kind and really doesn’t have to cost a penny. So each person is asked to tell us how they got the coin rather than how they pass it on.

Challenges are currently in place to see which rippleĀ can get a coin to cross an international boundary first, which ripples have the most people, and which ripple can get a coin around the world first. More challenges are on the way for the most unique countries and others. Each participant can follow us on Twitter or other social media sites to see the progress of their coins.