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What We Do

Forever Paid Forward is all about connecting people to each other. Our goal is to bring people closer together regardless of cultural, religious, geographic, and political boundaries. We do this through connecting people in a chain of random acts of kindness. Traceable coins bring participants to our website which, shows where the coins have come from and where they go once its passed on. We believe in promoting community through positive interaction on a global scale.


How it Works

Most people think of random acts of kindness as a myth. A while back a group of friends and I working on a project were challenged to prove something that was ultimately intangible. Forever Paid Forward is the answer to that challenge. The answer turned out to be pretty simple as it happens. This is how it works.

Step 1: Get a Coin

Step 2: Do a random act of kindness and pass the coin on.

Step 3: Person receives the coin checks the website

Step 4: Repeat


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